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4.2% copper best bitter

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GORGEOUS GEORGE 4.2% copper best bitter
Glowing copper best bitter with spicy hop
Allergens: BARLEY

18 pint bag in box
36 pint bag in box – 2 days notice required
500ml bottle
12 x 500ml case of bottles


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500ml bottle, Case of 12 x 500ml bottles, 18 pint bag in box, 36 pint bag in box (2 days notice required)



Beer bottle care

Our beer bottles are sterile filtered. This means that they do not have sediment and so can be stored in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

Bag in box care

This is rather like a wine box, only a bit larger:

  • 18 pint box (minipin) – W23cm x H23cm x D28cm,
  • 36 pint box (polypin) – W28cm x H28cm x D33cm.

Inside there is real ale, with sediment. Please keep the box cold at all times, approx. 9° C – 14°C. If you do not have a beer fridge the best alternative is to freeze up some camping blocks and place them around the box, put the box in the coldest place in your home/garage and keep away from sunlight. Allow the beer to settle for 4 – 6 hours. Pour away the first small bit out of the box as it will probably have a little sediment in it.

Then sit back, relax and enjoy your ale. Once opened, as long as you keep it cool and still, the beer will be good for approx 5 – 10 days.

Beer delivery

Currently all beer in stock is available for collection and local delivery in Essex.

Only the cases of 12 x 500ml bottles and 18 pint bag in box (minipins) are available for delivery across mainland UK by Courier at this time.